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Infos pratiques :
Address:  69, 71 rue de la Verrerie - 75004

Stations :  Hôtel de Ville, Rambuteau

Opening hours From Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 8.45pm and from Sunday to Monday from 1pm to 8.45pm.
Phone number:  +33 (0) 967 137 954

Founded in:  5 May 2012
Available for  Men, Women
What's in there:  20 000 tons of clothes and accessories! Each item has a red or green chip. Red chip equals to 20€ per kilos and green chip equals to 30€ per kilos. There are Levis jeans at 14€, skirts at 13 €, leather jackets at 40€, dresses at 8€, sweaters at 6€, shoes at 10€, t-shirts at 5€. ..
Pricing:  €€

300 gram of liberty dresses, anyone? Or 500 grams of jean shorts, if you're more in a denim mood...

'Select - Weigh - Take it!', such is the motto of Kiloshop, huge shop of 500m2 launched by the group behind Kiliwatch and Hippy Market. The shop is on two levels and it is located right in the center of Paris, close to Hotel de Ville.

The concept might be surprising, but the facts are here: prices are really low and quality is surprisingly good. 

Ps: Don't miss the Goldy Mama Goodies corner at the entrance of the shop!

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